IB English Literature HL 12

Course Outline

 IB English Literature HL is the same as the English SL course, but students are required to study 13 works in total. A minimum of five works originally written in English, and a minimum of four works originally written in a language other than English, from works found in the IB Prescribed Reading List (PRL).  Four works can be freely chosen from the PRL or elsewhere.

The final grade comprises an external component of 80 percent and an internal component of 20 percent. The internal component (20 percent) is the same as required for English Literature A SL (recorded oral commentary). The external component (80 percent) consists of a final examination which is the same as required for English Literature A SL, but worth a total of 60 percent. At the HL level, students are also required to write an essay (20 percent) on one of the works studied in the course.

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