IB School Supported Self-Taught SL 12

Course Outline

A student may be allowed to study his or her particular language A1 as a self-taught candidate at the SL level.  Students who opt to do a school supported self- taught Literature study complete two language and literature courses; one in the host language of the school, and the second in the language chosen by student (generally the student’s native/first language).  The study of literature in two languages, exempts students from having to complete a group 2 study in language acquisition.  Students are supported by a supervising teacher who teaches a group one course (studies in language and literature), as well as a tutor who is proficient in the language studied. Students work alongside the teacher to select required reading works in the language to be studied. Students apply the same skills learned in the Language A, or Language and Literature course to the school supported self- taught course.  The skills acquired and assessed are the same for both Literature courses. The final examination is written in the language studied. Students who successfully complete the school supported self- taught option with a grade of 3 or higher earn a Bilingual IB Diploma. 

The final grade is comprised of the same components as English Literature A SL course, but all assessment in this course are graded externally by an appropriate IB examiner; the school does not assess this course.