IB Spanish Ab Initio 11 and IB Spanish Ab Initio SL 12

Course Outline

The language ab initio courses are language learning courses for beginners designed to be followed over two years by students who have little previous experience of learning the target language. Thus, the main target of the Spanish ab initio course is on the acquisition of language required for purposes and situations used in everyday social interaction. The Spanish course aims to develop a variety of linguistic skills and basic awareness of different Spanish cultures in keeping with the IBO’s global perspective.

The final grade comprises an external component of 75 percent and an internal component of 25 percent. The internal component (25 percent) is an internal oral assessment of a visual stimuli and follow up discussion between teacher and student. The external component (75 percent) is a final examination made up of one paper which requires a written response, and a second listening and reading paper.

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