IB Geography HL 12

Course Outline

The HL geography course is easily combined with the SL course, requiring the same basic skills and knowledge with the addition of the following extended topics: Geographic perspectives: global interactions; power, places and networks; human development and diversity; global risks and resilience.  Additionally, students are required to study 3 of the optional topics (listed above).

The final grade comprises an external component of 80 percent and an internal component of 20 percent. The internal component (20 percent) is the same for both HL and SL (see above). The external component (80 percent) is a final examination made up of one paper (35 percent) comprised of structured and extended response based on the core, and a second paper (25 percent) made up of structured and extended questions based on the optional topics, and a third paper (20 percent) comprised of extended response questions based on the extended HL topics.

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