IB Design Technology 11 and IB Design Technology SL 12

Course Outline

The IB Design Technology course is a group four course which studies the impact of new technologies on modern global society.  Analysis, design development, synthesis and evaluation, through the practical application of the design cycle are studied.  Students apply the design cycle and develop problem solving, development of feasible solutions, as well as, testing and evaluation of the solution.  Solutions may be a model, prototype, product or system which students develop throughout the course. 

Students study six core topics: Human factors and ergonomics, resource management and sustainable production, modelling, raw material to final product, innovation and design and classic design.  Practical application of knowledge is the focus of the course.  Students spend approximately 40 hours creating an individual design project. 

The final grade comprises an external component of 60 percent and an internal component of 40 percent. The internal component (40 percent) is based on the design of an individual student project. The external component (60 percent) is based on one multiple choice paper and another data-based, short and extended response paper based on the topics studied. 

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