IB Film HL 12

Course Outline

The course content in the Film HL course is the same as that of the SL course with the addition of a collaborative film component.

Students final grade will be based on a final externally assessed components worth 40 percent and an internal assessment worth 60 percent. The internal component consists (60 percent) consists of a film portfolio (25 percent) which includes a film reel with one completed film and a project report of 2,000 words as well as, a collaborative film project (35 percent) consisting of one completed film (up to 7 minutes) and a project report of 2000 words.  The external component (40 percent) consists of two assessments which are submitted online to IB.  Students must complete a textual analysis (20 percent) of 1750 words on film texts, selected from a list of film texts provided by IB. For the second external assessment, students must research an area of film focus that interests them and submit a recorded multimedia comparative study (20 percent) to IB.

For more information please go to: https://ibo.org/