IB Theatre Arts 11 and IB Theatre Arts SL 12

Course Outline

Theatre is a practical subject that encourages discovery through experimentation, risk-taking and the presentation of ideas. The IB DP theatre course is multifaceted and gives students the opportunity to actively engage in theatre as creators, designers, directors and performers. It emphasizes working both individually and collaboratively as part of an ensemble. Students learn to apply research and theory to inform and to contextualize their work. Through researching, creating, preparing, presenting and critically reflecting on theatre, they gain a richer understanding of themselves, their community and the world.

Students study three compulsory parts: theatre in context, theatre processes and presenting theatre.

Students final grade will be based on a final externally assessed components worth 65 percent and an internal assessment worth 35 percent. The internally assessed component (35 percent) is comprised of a collaborative project which requires students to collaboratively create and present an original piece of theatre of 13-15 minutes for a targeted audience.  The externally assessed component (65 percent) requires students to create a director’s notebook where they develop ideas regarding how a play text could be staged for an audience (35 percent) as well as the delivery of an induvial presentation of no more than 15 minutes that outlines and physically demonstrates research into a convention of theatre tradition (30 percent).

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