IB Visual Arts 11 and IB Visual Arts SL 12

Course Outline

The IB Visual Arts program offers students a distinctive approach to the study of art appreciation, art history, arts place in society, and practical studio work. Through personal research, students will demonstrate an understanding of the cultural influences of the visual arts both internationally, and in their own geographic region. Students will research a variety of artists’ artistic styles and movements in the visual arts. Students will demonstrate the ability to conduct research and document the influence of their research in a process portfolio. The portfolio includes evidence of the student’s experimentation, exploration, manipulation and refinement of a variety of art-making activities.  The portfolio is externally assessed and comprises 40 percent of the final mark.  Students also complete a comparative study of at least 3 artworks by different artists.  The comparative study is externally assessed and comprises 20 percent of the final grade.  Students also work to create an exhibition of their works, to include a 400 -word rationale for 4-7 artworks.  The exhibition is internally assessed and comprises 40 percent of the final grade. The student will also be required to create art in the studio that will demonstrate an understanding of design principles, technical competency, use of medium, integration of influences from various cultures, and that explores various subjects, topics, and motifs.

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