IB Theory of Knowledge 12

Course Outline

Theory of Knowledge (ToK) is a course unique to the IB Diploma. The course does not require students to learn extra material in the IB curriculum. Instead, ToK challenges students to reflect critically and creatively on the methodologies—their strengths and weaknesses of the six IB curriculum areas. ToK helps students to develop a more mature understanding of the nature of knowledge, to identify and compare areas of knowledge, and ways of knowing in the development of their own judgments about what to believe and why to believe it. Through ToK, students are asked to question their preconceptions. The course is taught in seminar style, and the assessment is 33 percent internal, based on an oral in-class presentation and 67 percent based on an external evaluation of an essay of 1200 to 1600 words chosen from a list of 10 titles previously known to the student.

ToK is a course that should lead students to reflect on all their other IB courses and their CAS experience. The most successful ToK course generates an intellectual excitement that students carry and apply to their other subjects. It is, therefore, important that ToK be scheduled to run concurrently with the other IB courses.

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