Textile Technology 12

Course Outline

The curriculum is designed to encourage students to develop advanced skill sets related to textile arts and technologies. Schools may approach this curriculum from a fibre arts perspective or a fashion perspective. There is a laboratory component to this course.

Units of study and topics include the following: 

  • Unit 1: Creating Fabrics (textile development and production skills such as weaving, knitting, felting, printing for a variety of applications)
  • Unit 2: Elements and Principles of Textile Design (application and interpretation)
  • Unit 3: Textile Construction Tools (sewing, pressing, embellishment, applying finishes/designs, pattern creation)
  • Unit 4: Textile Production (application of problem-solving skills to reusing, recycling, budget management, consumer skills)
  • Unit 5: Aesthetic and Cultural Appreciation (culture, industry, geography of textiles)
  • Unit 6: Life Work Skills (career opportunities and personal expression related to textile industry)
  • Unit 7: Independent Study (create and share a culminating textile project that illustrates their skill and knowledge development)

Updated September 7, 2021