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Professional Learning: Inclusive Education

Please see this link for information on provincial and regional/CSAP supports for the professional learning.


The e-Learning Support Site

The e-Learning Support Site for teachers is available from the landing page after logging in via GNSPES.

The site is currently being updated to support teachers for the 2020/2021 school year.

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back to school

Back to School Plan

The best place for children to learn is in a safe and supportive environment surrounded by their teachers and friends.

Where it is necessary to learn from home, this summary provides the expectations and is built on what was learned last year and feedback from parents, students, and educators: At-Home Learning Summary

The details in this document are subject to change based on direction from the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Other resources and support documents

Additional resources

Teaching and Learning within COVID-19 Protocols, P-12

The intention of this document is to support teachers in adapting high leverage practices while adhering to protocols outlined in Nova Scotia’s Back to School Plan, 2020 and in keeping with principles of inclusive education as outlined in Nova Scotia’s Inclusive Education Policy, 2019. (07/10/2020)

Guiding & Supporting Documents Related to Curriculum and Program Needs for Back to School (en français)

The P-12 documents can be accessed from your GNSPES/SEPNE account. This information will be updated as needed based on public health advice. (04/09/2020)

Supporting Learning 2020

This document includes the links to  curricula support documents. (04/09/2020)

Updated Information on Assessment and Instruction

These documents are located on the gnspes eLearning Support site(10/11/2020)

Curriculum Connections for the Rick Hansen Foundation School Program

Please see this document for P-12 curricula links to the Rick Hansen Foundation School resources that support learning about accessibility, inclusion, and active citizenship.

Please see the Rick Hansen School Program website for information on a range of educational resources to support learning from grades primary to 12.