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Numeracy Resources

Numeracy Resources

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Assessment Resources

Assessment Resources

Assessment and Instruction

These documents are intended to support teacher planning for assessment, instruction, feedback, and communication of student learning.

Assessment Policy

Student assessment and evaluation are core components of Nova Scotia’s public education system.

Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Online Resources

  • Inclusive Education provides information on provincial and regional/CSAP supports for the professional learning (January 2021 sessions).




Resource accessible through GNSPES to support technology integration

Additional resources

Classroom-ready lesson plans about privacy

Career Education

Arts Education Challenge for Credit

Rick Hansen Foundation School Program

  • Rick Hansen Foundation School Program website supports learning about accessibility, inclusion, and active citizenship with a range of educational resources to support learning from grades primary to 12.

Updated Curriculum

The following courses have new or updated curriculum documents for the 2022-2023 year: