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Nova Scotia’s curriculum is being renewed and modernized to ensure our students have the skills and competencies to be successful in a rapidly changing world. Designing renewed curricula with the Essential Graduation Competencies ensures that we are preparing our students for the future with curriculum that is inclusive, student-centred, and flexible while maintaining a focus on literacy and numeracy. For more information on the renewed curricula, please see this short video.

Renewed curriculum provides greater flexibility for teachers, while allowing space to support learner engagement and well-being as students develop their skills and explore their passions and interests.

Beginning this September, teachers will enhance their focus on ensuring that every student transitions effectively to their new grade level. This requires an acknowledgement that opportunities to learn were different for children during at-home learning and that COVID-19 produced or increased disproportional access and opportunities for some students. This is not a reflection of a student’s ability to learn but rather their opportunity to learn. A focus is needed to raise the skill level of learners. To support this work, Foundational Outcome documents for selected courses (9-12 and mathematics P-12) and supplementary support documents (P-12) have been created for selected subjects and grades. Foundational outcomes are not new outcomes and outcomes were not added to any course.

For courses at primary to 8 that have already been renewed, supplementary documents can be found in the resource section for each course on this website. For courses that have not been renewed, Foundational Outcome documents can be found in the At-a-Glance section of each course that they have been developed for, at this time. Supplementary documents for these courses will be housed in the resource section.  Additional materials to support teachers can be accessed from the e-learning sitePlease see Supporting Learning 2020 for the full list of curricula support documents. 

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The best place for children to learn is in a safe and supportive environment surrounded by their teachers and friends.

treaty education site

Through Treaty Education programs, students, teachers and all Nova Scotians can learn more about the contribution of the Mi’kmaq to the province’s history, culture, and economy. Find out more at:

This year, the theme of Mi’kmaq History Month is plant knowledge and use. To learn more, and view a video revealing the design of this year’s poster and cultural performances, visit