Parent/Family Information

For more information on COVID-19, go to the Government of Nova Scotia site.

Back to School

Parent/Family Information

Parents/Families can support student learning in the following ways:

Children can read and talk about books, daily. Parents can read aloud to their children, daily. Children can write daily and share what has been written. Click HERE for some literacy tips that may be helpful.

We have included a calendar of learning activities that provide a range of learning experiences that support literacy, numeracy, and physical and mental health. Click HERE to find out more!

For older children, routine and developing learning schedules can also be important to help them stay on track in their learning. Start off with deciding where your child will set up and what they might need to help them get started. There are lots of online sites and pictures to help your child envision what their home study space can look like. Have them do some research and share that with you.

Once your child has set up their space and decided on their schedule, it is time to get going on learning. Start off with a review and practice of learning items that have already been taught.

Additional Resources

Math Explanation VideoWhat’s MATH got to do with it?

Understanding the concept of exponential growth in our current COVID-19 situation is critical to our shared health. In fact, it could save lives. Access a three-minute lesson by one of HRCE’s high school math teachers.