Housing and Design 12

Course Outline

Housing and Design 12 will be taught through project-based learning and community connections. The course is designed to be practical and interactive. Assessment will include project work through which students will demonstrate their use of technology to problem solve and create a housing project. Throughout the curriculum, students will be expected to develop their knowledge of related career opportunities and artistic expression through housing applications. Units of study and topics include the following: 

  • Unit 1: The Housing and Design Skills Portfolio (maintained illustrating skills and knowledge developed throughout the course)
  • Unit 2: Career Options related to Housing and Living Environments (research, interviews, job shadow various related employment/career opportunities)
  • Unit 3: Living Spaces: Choices and Decisions (housing, consumerism, renting versus buying; budgeting for housing; building management/maintenance; ecological/environmental factors to consider; efficient design and operation; impact of technology on today’s housing consumer)
  • Unit 4: Innovations in Housing Ecosystems (sustainability, healthy environments, maintenance, construction materials, efficiency of layout and operation, landscaping, urban planning)
  • Unit 5: Components of Housing Design and Layout (architecture, ecological design, use of technology to create efficient layout and floor plan designs)
  • Unit 6: Interior Design (interior aesthetics, personal/artistic expression, principles and elements of design, selection of furnishings and interior finishes including textiles)

Updated September 7, 2021