Law 12

Course Outline

Law 12 is designed to introduce high school students to the area of law and to provide them with skills and understandings that will enables them to better understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Law 12 is organized with three compulsory units—Foundations of Justice and the Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Law—and a fourth unit that enables students to sample from a variety of legal topics. Foundations of Justice and the Law looks at the roots and history of law, especially in Canada. Criminal Law examines the procedure and parties involved in investigating and trying a criminal case, as well as sentencing options. Civil Law focuses torts, contractual obligations, and family law. The fourth unit provides opportunities to look at Aboriginal Law, International Law, Immigration Law, Human Rights Law, Environmental Law, Employment Law, Consumer Law, as well as Media and Internet Law. Law 12 students will also be expected to employ research methods appropriate to the discipline of law.

Updated August 25, 2021