Mi’kmaw Studies 11

Course Outline

The key principle for Mi’kmaw Studies 11 is that through inquiry into Mi’kmaw issues past, present, and future students will be able to answer the question, “How am I connected to the First Peoples of Nova Scotia?” Through taking this course students should become more informed, active citizens who have a holistic understanding of the relationship among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Nova Scotia and Canada. The course incorporates an inquiry-based approach and considers broad concepts such as governance, culture, education, spirituality, and social justice. Students analyze historical and Mi’kmaw issues, which will enable them to achieve a greater understanding of, and respect for, both Mi’kmaw society and Mi’kmaw contributions to Canadian society. Reflections on the future are integral to each concept. Although particular structures and sequences have been created for the course, students and their teachers are encouraged to draw connections between and among the various modules so that learning takes place in a context that makes the most sense for them. The course can be structured into the units designated in this curriculum document or into a chronological study.

Updated February 13, 2023