Agriculture/Agrifood 11

Course Outline

Agriculture/Agrifood 11 meets the second science credit requirement for graduation. The course may be offered as a full credit (four modules) or as two half-credits (each comprising two modules).

For Agriculture/Agrifood 11(full credit), students are required to take Module 1: Connections—Factors, Experiments, and Lives and a total of three of the optional Modules 2–6.

Agriculture/Agrifood 11A (half credit)comprises the compulsory Module 1: Connections—Factors, Experiments, and Lives and two of the optional Modules 2–6. Agriculture/Agrifood 11B (half credit) comprises an additional two modules selected from Modules 2–6.

Module 1: Connections—Factors, Experiments, and Lives (compulsory)

Learners will conduct laboratory inquiries to explore processes that affect agricultural operations. Students will design and conduct an experiment while controlling variables. 

Module 2: Primary Production Systems

Learners will investigate the factors that affect the growth and maintenance livestock herds and flocks on a farm. Learners will explore the housing and health factors needed to maintain healthy herds and flocks. 

Module 3: Support Systems

Learners will explore the policies, regulations, practices and support systems that are available to farmers. Learners will explore different types of farms, with local and global perspectives and opinions in mind.

Module 4: Beyond the Farm Gate

This module examines the management, marketing and distribution of both plant and animal agricultural commodities at the local farm level as well as provincially, nationally and globally. Learners will be introduced to the role of governmental agencies in policy and regulation management for farming. Students will explore agricultural careers and products related to support networks on a local, national and global scale. 

Module 5: Foods 

Learners will be exposed to the agrifood industry and its related careers. Topics explored will allow learners to reinforce the relationship between food, nutrition and wellness. Additionally, processing techniques will be examined leading to the production of consumable products.

Module 6: Project

Learners will conduct a full investigation into an agricultural topic of their choosing.

Updated March 10, 2022