Biology 11

Course Outline

Both Biology 11 and Biology 12 emphasize the Nature of Science themes: change, diversity, energy, equilibrium, matter, and systems. Biology 11 and Biology 12 refine students’ explanations of the nature of science and technology and the interaction between biology and technology. Students elaborate the impact of biology and associated technology on society and of the limitations of the biological sciences, science in general, and technology in solving societal problems. Laboratory work is integral to all science programs.

Unit 1: Matter and Energy for Life

Cells are introduced as the basic units of life. This unit investigates the role of cell structures in systems as well as matter exchange and energy flow. Students deepen their understanding of the relationship of all life on earth and the impact of carbon in the atmosphere. 

Unit 2: Biodiversity

The vast diversity of living things necessitates an organized system for their classification and study. This unit provides a thorough investigation and overview of life’s unity and diversity within the environment.

Unit 3: Maintaining Dynamic Equilibrium I

All living things struggle to maintain an internal balance in response to the constant pressure of external phenomena. This unit investigates the role of various systems and the influence of the environment and behaviour in the regulation of homeostasis.

Unit 4: Interactions among Living Things

This unit investigates biomes and their interactions as well as factors affecting population dynamics demands for resources.

Updated March 10, 2022