Food Science 12

Course Outline

Food Science 12 satisfies the second science requirement for high school graduation. Food Science 12 explores many relevant scientific issues about food safety and preservation as well as nutritional values of foods and food commodities. Food science 12 is designed to be a hands-on exploration and thus, scientific laboratory work is integral.  

Food Constituents 

This unit investigates the constituents of food such as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and water. The physical and chemical properties of the constituents are investigated as well as their role in healthy body systems and in various food commodities. 

Preservation Factors 

In this unit, food microbiology and food safety are explored. Deteriorative factors and preservation strategies to combat these factors are examined as well as implications for the food sectors. 

Food Quality and Commodities 

Subjective and objective quality measurements, sampling, and analysis are examined including the sensory experience of foods. Production of food commodities with an emphasis on quality retention and production techniques are investigated.

Food Packaging

This unit looks at food labels, and packaging for various purposes and audiences. The key to food product development and design is the use of sensory analysis. Systematic product development is examined and analyzed.

Updated March 10, 2022