Science 9

Course Outline


Building on past explorations using various substances and the particle model of matter, students will use the Periodic Table to explore atoms and molecules, chemical symbols, and common elements and compounds.


Engaging and exploring the essentials of electrostatics and electric circuits enables students to connect their learning to everyday applications. Investigations help students to learn the laws of electrostatic charges and to study some features and properties of electrostatics and electrical circuits. Students will conduct experiments that allow for data collection and analysis. Students explore power consumption, efficiency of appliances, and learn about making informed decisions. Students will propose a course of action with respect to human and environmental needs for electricity and energy. Students also explore the connections between energy production and climate change.


The study of space exploration provides opportunities for students to explain the origin, evolution, and components of the solar system and the universe. What is needed to live in space, what is developed in space, and exploring space are examined through this unit. Curiosity and creativity will be developed as students explore the concepts of space exploration.


Students examine the fundamental processes of reproduction, heredity, and the transmission of traits from one generation to the next. Implications of reproductive technologies are also explored.



The curriculum guides for Science 7, 8 and 9 are old and do not match the current outcomes. The current outcomes that you will be assessing are found in the Learning Outcomes Framework (Outcomes document to the right) as well as in PowerSchool. 

Please find several documents under resources to help. The ‘Crosswalk’ documents have a list of the current Science 7, 8 and 9 outcomes along with references to pages in the older documents that could support the exploration of these outcomes.  Please note that the outcomes in the old documents are the old outcomes and should not be assessed – only the outcomes on the crosswalk documents (the same as the ones in the Learning Outcomes Framework and PowerSchool) should be used.

Updated March 17, 2023