German 10

Course Outline

The German program offered to grades 10–12 students is designed to lead to proficiency in the language processes of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It also offers students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of German grammar and to acquire some familiarity with German literature and other cultural and historical achievements. A German video series may be used to enhance the cultural and linguistic content of the program. German films, music videos, and songs also contribute to the learning of authentic material. Because of the age, interests, and academic background of the students who select German as a course option, the program usually progresses at a fairly rapid pace. This allows teachers to offer core program materials during the first two years, followed by a selection of paperbacks on literary and cultural topics during the final year.

German 10 offers basic vocabulary and structures with some expansion to permit more interesting content. Core materials are presented in simple dialogues that gradually familiarize students with more complex material. Reading and writing are also introduced at this level.

The direct method is used from the beginning to present vocabulary and sentence structure in familiar situations. Program materials provide a range of high-frequency vocabulary and expressions in the context of dialogues. After students have practised these, they make observations about structures they have used. Students are encouraged to learn how the elements of the language relate to each other. Videos, games, and role-playing contribute to the overall enjoyment of learning a foreign language.