Tourism 11

Course Outline

Tourism 11 gives students an introduction to the tourism industry. The course offers students opportunities to develop the essential knowledge and skills needed to enter the tourism industry or post-secondary tourism programs. Students develop their skills in communicating, problem solving, organizing and managing information, working with others and working independently, and using and adapting to new technology.

The course focuses on career planning and employability skills and on industry design and development (for example, develop a plan for eco-tourism in South America). Students apply and expand their learning in community or workplace settings through job shadowing, field trips, and work experience. Learning experiences have a strong applied focus with an emphasis on integrating, applying, and reinforcing learning in other courses.

In addition to the compulsory modules Fundamentals of Tourism and Career Exploration in Tourism, other modules may include Transportation, Hospitality, and Attractions; Tourism Attractions, Travel Trade, and Tourism Services; and Tourism Development and Design.