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Nova Scotia’s curriculum is being renewed and modernized to ensure our students have the skills and competencies to be successful in a rapidly changing world. Designing renewed curricula with the Essential Graduation Competencies ensures that we are preparing our students for the future with curriculum that is inclusive, student-centred, and flexible while maintaining a focus on literacy and numeracy. For more information on the renewed curricula, please see this short video.

Renewed curriculum provides greater flexibility for teachers, while allowing space to support learner engagement and well-being as students develop their skills and explore their passions and interests.

The Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is committed to ensuring high-quality, responsive, inclusive, and equitable education to support the well-being and achievement of every student. The Public School Program site provides direct links to policies, programs, and supporting documents that outline the province’s commitment to supporting student-centred learning environments that ensure the next generation of young Nova Scotians are equipped with the essential skills and competences required to meet the ever-changing demands of our global society.

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Last updated June 28, 2024