Advanced Global Geography 12

Course Outline

Advanced Global Geography 12 is based upon Global Geography 12. It is designed such that both courses could be offered simultaneously within the same classroom. 

Advanced Global Geography 12 includes all the specific curriculum outcomes in Global Geography 12 with an additional unit, as well as an extra specific curriculum outcome in the introductory unit, and a modified specific curriculum outcome in each of the other units. Advanced Global Geography 12 students will also be expected to plan, research, present, and defend a formal problem-based research project using the skills and methods of geography.

The additional unit is titled Culture and Politics. It examines the global distribution of different cultural groups, the extent to which the environment is affected by cultural attitudes and practices, the evolution of the contemporary global political pattern, and the spatial disjunctions between political, cultural, and other patterns.

Teachers delivering the advanced version of the global courses should use their professional judgement in determining which advanced outcomes will best meet the needs to their learners.

updated September 8, 2021