Arts Entrepreneurship 12

Course Outline

Arts Entrepreneurship 12 provides opportunities for students to apply knowledge and skills fostered by arts courses by exploring their own creative potential in the context of the creative economy. As active participants, students will deepen their understanding of Nova Scotia's vibrant cultural sector and its contribution to both the economy and the quality of life in our communities. 

Nova Scotia’s creative economy is increasingly recognized as a generator of economic growth and a vital contributor to quality of life and place in our communities. This creative economy involves creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Our cultural entrepreneurs will play increasingly significant roles in the health and wealth of our province.

Arts Entrepreneurship 12 is exploratory in nature, focuses on project-based and portfolio learning, emphasizes inquiry, and helps develop 21st century skills (including critical thinking, problem solving and risk-taking, communication and collaboration, and creativity and innovation).  The course presents a unique opportunity to offer students an entrepreneurial experience in an aspect of the cultural sector that interests them.)

Updated August 27, 2021