Band Instruments 8

Course Outline

The study of music provides a range of unique experiences that are essential for the development for all learners. Music provides a learning tool that contributes to deep and enduring learner engagement. It makes specific and essential contributions to intellectual and aesthetic development, the education of feeling, the exploration of values, the development of physical and perceptual skills, and the growth of personal, cultural, and social identities.

In Band Instruments, the shared act of music making offers unique opportunities for learners to be part of a collaborative community. Learners will learn to  physically and mentally master an instrument, to understand, interpret and design notation, and to explore the complex ideas associated with emotion, aesthetics and expression. Much of the value and transfer within this course can be demonstrated through the exploration of high quality band repertoire, and through learner exploration of composition.  Music provides ways of knowing and expressing, opportunities to think creatively, and occasions to feel confident with risk-taking.

Grade 7 and 8 renewed curriculum has been fully implemented across the province. 

Updated August 17, 2022