Canadian Literature 12

Course Outline

Students who wish to take an additional senior English language arts course may take Canadian Literature 12 in addition to English 12.

Canadian Literature 12 is available as a full- or half-credit course. It has been developed in a modular structure and consists of the following four modules: Atlantic Canadian Identity (a compulsory module); Cultural/Regional Perspectives; Focused Study (this module can be taken more than once), and Canadian Voices. Students may earn a full credit with the successful completion of four modules. A half-credit comprises a minimum of two modules. Canadian Literature 12 provides opportunities for small-group and independent learning, as well as, a wide range of choices in literature, according to the interests of learners.

This course provides opportunities for students to become acquainted with a broad range of Canadian literature, to appreciate the rich literary heritage of Canada, and to reflect upon their understanding of the Canadian identity, community, and culture. Students should understand that Canada has its own complex but distinctive literary tradition.

Updated January 10, 2024