Child Studies 11

Course Outline

Child Studies 11 is a course designed to help students explore the meaning and implications of responsible parenthood and child care; to help them acquire current information regarding reproduction, pregnancy, and childbirth; to help them explore significant issues of early childhood; and to help them apply the understanding of child development to the care and guidance of children. Unit topics include the following:

  • Unit 1: Parenting in Canada—Decisions about Parenthood (the decision to become a parent, parenthood alternatives)
  • Unit 2: The Beginning of Parenthood (human reproduction, prenatal health, fetal development, childbirth)
  • Unit 3: Human Growth and Development (identifying and understanding the development of the infant, the toddler, the preschooler)
  • Unit 4: Relationships with Children (interacting, guiding, and enhancing children’s development)
  • Unit 5: Community Connections (accessing support services, daycare, supporting children with special needs, children in crisis)
  • Unit 6: Career Connections (research careers related to working with children)
  • Unit 7: Practicum—Practical Experiences with Children (in-school and/or out-of-school opportunities to interact with children)
  • Unit 8: Global Connections (children of the world—their needs and challenges)

Updated September 7, 2021