Community-Based Learning 11

Course Outline

In the Options and Opportunities (O2) program, community based learning experiences support learners in achieving their academic potential and in defining goals and exploring postsecondary education and career pathways. CBL 11 is a  full credit course in the Options and Opportunities (O2) program and is required by learners to maintain O2 status and receive the O2 certificate upon graduation. This course was developed as a result of a recommendation from the O2 program review. A streamlined curriculum was produced that saw the combining of two courses, Community Based Learning 10 (CBL 10) and Career Development 11/ Workplace Health and Safety 11 (CD 11/ WHS 11)

CBL 11 consist of four modules that have been developed to build on the knowledge and extend the learning that happened in Career Development 10. While the curriculum consists of four modules that are thematically independent, they can be strategically delivered as integrated modules through an experiential lens. Learners will continue to build on their communication, teamwork and decision-making skills as they explore their role and apply their skills as active citizens in the community. They will also investigate how their goals align with career pathways and create a plan to achieve their goals. This will require learners to also create a financial plan for achievement of their goals. Experiences with community partners and the workplace will support this learning.

Modules include Citizenship and Community, Career and Life Planning, Financial Management, and Workplace Culture and Safety

Updated December 11, 2023