Culinary Trades 11

Course Outline

Students work in a kitchen setting to develop cooking, baking, food preparation, and service skills needed to launch a career in the food service industry. Emphasis is placed on career paths, communication, safety, professional food preparation, and service practices.


  • Learners will analyse how various careers support and are influenced by the food service industry.
  • Learners will evaluate employability skills necessary to be successful in culinary trades related careers.
  • Learners will implement applicable workplace health and safety practices and procedures in a culinary setting.
  • Learners will implement systems of measurement used in culinary trades.
  • Learners will implement procedures for the safe use and maintenance of materials, tools, and equipment in a commercial kitchen setting.
  • Learners will plan responses to a range of culinary service opportunities.
  • Learners will implement appropriate culinary knowledge in various production and service situations.

Updated August 11, 2023