English Language Arts 8 Renewed Curriculum

Course Outline

Literacy is the ability to receive and express messages to successfully develop and/or construct meaning through a variety of language processes; listening, speaking,  reading, viewing, writing, and other means of representation. It is essential that learners develop their ability to make meaning in a wide range of forms in response to their audience and purpose. 

Changes in society and technology continually influence how  people use language to think, learn,and communicate., demanding that people use a wide range of skills and strategies to communicate effectively. The language arts curriculum engages learners as reflective, articulate, literate individuals who successfully use their primary language, in this case English, to think, learn, and communicate.

The 7&8 Curriculum renewal is being implemented in select schools.

Full implementation of the renewed curricula will be for the 2022/2023 school year.

If your school is not piloting, use the older curriculum material found here

Updated October 7, 2021