Explore Music 7

Course Outline

The study of music provides a range of unique experiences that are essential for the development for all learners. Music provides a learning tool that contributes to deep and enduring learner engagement. It makes specific and essential contributions to intellectual and aesthetic development, the education of feeling, the exploration of values, the development of physical and perceptual skills, and the growth of personal, cultural, and social identities.

In Explore Music, learners will explore their own creativity as individual and ensemble musicians using a variety of homogenous (for example, guitars, ukuleles, djembes) and disparate instruments. Through guided listening, composition, and practice they will build skills and competencies that nurture their musicianship, but also transfer to other subject areas as well as work/life skills. Learners will use the art of music to explore the complex ideas associated with emotion, aesthetics, and expression to work collaboratively towards the creation of unified, meaningful works and to explore musical artistry across genres and around the globe. Music is a vast subject and provides boundless opportunities and vehicles through which to explore our world and our place in it.

Grade 7 and 8 renewed curriculum has been fully implemented across the province. 

Updated August 2, 2022