Food and Nutrition 8

Course Outline

The food and nutrition area of family studies is designed to enable the adolescent to apply the basic principles of nutrition to food preparation. Food and Nutrition 8 comprises five units:

  • Unit 1: Food Preparation Basics provides opportunities for skill development in preparing simple foods, maintaining a safe work space, and being aware of basic food safety practices.
  • Unit 2: Food for Healthy Living encourages students to develop an understanding of the connections between selecting, preparing, and consuming foods that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Unit 3: The Food Consumer develops an awareness of food marketing strategies, purchasing, and current trends in food production.
  • Unit 4: Power of Food explores the concept that food consumption has a social, emotional, cultural, and global impact.
  • Unit 5: Nova Scotia Food Products and Related Industry celebrates Nova Scotia food, our local products, our food industry, and potential opportunities for employment.