IB Geography 11 and IB Geography SL 12

Course Outline

IB Geography SL is a social science course concerned with the complexity and changing nature of human society, and thus offers a variety of perspectives and methods of study. The view of geography presented in this course is thematic in organization, human in focus, and comprehensive in coverage.

The optional themes in this course allow teachers to introduce case studies in areas such as climate change, models of development in the Third World, or earthquake hazard that the teachers believe might be of special interest to students.

Core topics covered include the following mandatory topics: Population distribution, changing population, global climate vulnerability, and resilience and global resource consumption and security. Teachers must also include two optional topics chosen from the following: Freshwater, oceans and coastal margins, extreme environments, geophysical hazards, leisure, tourism and sport, food and health, and urban environments. 

The final grade comprises an external component of 75 percent and an internal component of 25 percent. The internal component (25 percent) consists of a written report based on fieldwork. The external component (75 percent) is a final examination made up of one paper (35 percent) comprised of structured and extended response based on the core, and a second paper (40 percent) made up of structured and extended questions based on the optional topics.

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