IB Sports, Exercise and Health 11 and IB Sports, Exercise and Health SL 12

Course Outline

IB Sports, Exercise and Health is an experimental science course which explores the science underpinning physical performance and provides the opportunity to apply these principles. The course offers a deeper understanding of the issues related to sports, exercise and health. This course is good preparation for courses in further education related to sports fitness and health. The course places emphasis on 40 hours of practical work. Topics covered in the theory portion of the course include core topics of anatomy, exercise physiology, energy systems, movement analysis, skill in sports, and measurement and evaluation of human performance. Teachers also choose two of the following 4 optional topics: optimizing physiological performance, psychology of sports, physical activity and health, and nutrition for sports, exercise and health.

The final grade comprises an external component of 80 percent and an internal component of 20 percent. The internal component (20 percent) is based on experimental work in the laboratory which culminates with the design and execution of an individual investigation and write up. The external component (80 percent) is a final examination made up of one paper of multiple-choice questions, and two papers of both data-based short-answer questions and extended response questions.

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