Mathematics 7

Students in Mathematics 7 explore the following topics: 

  • divisibility rules
  • operations (+,-,x,÷) involving decimals
  • relating common decimals, percents, and fractions
  • comparing and ordering fractions
  • addition and subtraction of positive mixed numbers and fractions
  • linear relationships
  • tables of values to plot graphs
  • perseveration of equality
  • properties of circles (radius, diameter, circumference and pi)
  • area of triangles, parallelograms, and circles
  • plotting using ordered pairs
  • measures of central tendency and range (mean, median, and mode)
  • data outliers
  • probabilities as ratios, fractions and percents


The outcomes in the At-A-Glance document are accurate. The curriculum guide for this course is still relevant and includes important information for teachers. Teachers are reminded to reference the At-A-Glance documents for the outcomes when using the course guides.

Updated July 26, 2022