Science 7

Course Outline


Knowledge of Earth is rapidly growing as new methods and technologies are developed to study the components and dynamics of Earth’s crust. As students explore the dynamics of geological systems and events, they are better able to explain and make connections between the theories of Earth science and their own experiences with local geology.


In this unit, students will explore and investigate the similarities and differences between general mixtures and solutions as well as a variety of ways to separate the component parts of these materials. Students will not be expected to distinguish and differentiate suspensions, emulsions, and colloids at this level.


Heat is a form of energy that is part of students’ lives and the life of their communities. Students should explore the properties of heat and the ways they are related to the measurement of temperature. The particle theory and the kinetic molecular theory help students explain their observations and understand both the relationship between heat and temperature and the concept of heat capacity on a qualitative level. The Mixtures and Solutions unit should be done before this unit.


Ecosystems, such as forests, croplands, rivers, lakes, estuaries, and oceans, are inhabited by different organisms that are well adapted to their environment. Each ecosystem is biologically and physically different, yet all act in the same way. This unit’s focus is decision making and inquiry and is based on students’ collections and analyses of data and information from field trips, investigations, and other sources. Students can explore and investigate a range of relationships with a familiar environment while determining the factors that threaten the existence of a particular local habitat of an organism.



The curriculum guides for Science 7, 8 and 9 are old and do not match the current outcomes. The current outcomes that you will be assessing are found in the Learning Outcomes Framework (Outcomes document to the right) as well as in PowerSchool. 

Please find several documents under resources to help. The ‘Crosswalk’ documents have a list of the current Science 7, 8 and 9 outcomes along with references to pages in the older documents that could support the exploration of these outcomes.  Please note that the outcomes in the old documents are the old outcomes and should not be assessed – only the outcomes on the crosswalk documents (the same as the ones in the Learning Outcomes Framework and PowerSchool) should be used.

Updated March 10, 2022