Service Trades 10

Course Outline

A prerequisite for Culinary Trades 11. Service Trades 10 engages and exposes students to the service trades, where services are provided as opposed to goods being produced. Students explore the impact that skilled trades have on society and investigate career paths for skilled tradespeople. In addition to developing basic food preparation skills, students also learn the skills needed to be successful in the service sector.


  • Learners will evaluate employability skills necessary to be successful in service sector trades related careers.
  • Learners will investigate workplace health and safety practices and procedures in service sector trades.
  • Learners will analyse appropriate and safe use of materials, tools, and equipment used in food preparation and storage.
  • Learners will plan for precision and accuracy in measuring and ordering.
  • Learners will analyse solutions that respond to customer needs in various service sector trades.
  • Learners will implement appropriate culinary knowledge in production and service situations.

Updated August 11, 2023