Social Studies 2

Course Outline

Change is the conceptual organizer for grade 2. This concept is critical to the study of social studies.

In today’s rapidly changing world, an understanding of change contributes to the development of students as citizens of their community. Students will build on what they explored in the social studies from previous years, where they examined the concepts of connections and interactions.

Both of these concepts are related to change. They will develop an awareness and confidence that change is very much a part of their lives. In the first and second outcomes, students will examine change as it relates to individuals, groups, cultures, and communities. The study of economic change in outcome 3 will enable students to extend their understanding of basic economic concepts, including economic decision-making. An examination of environmental change, the focus of outcome 4, will allow students to examine sustainable development practices at the local level.


  • Learners will investigate change in the community.
  • Learners will investigate how individuals and diverse cultural groups, including Acadians, African Nova Scotians, Gaels, and Mi’kmaq, have contributed to change.
  • Learners will investigate how decisions are made as consumers.
  • Learners will analyse ways for supporting sustainable development in local communities.

Updated June 17, 2021