Social Studies 3

Course Outline

In Social Studies 3, students learn about the people who live in their province: who they are, where they come from, and reasons why they chose to come to Nova Scotia. Students explore the concept of culture in their province by examining stories, language, music and dance, and visual arts and crafts. Students engage in learning to promote positive interaction in their community. They also examine the negative consequences of stereotyping.

Students learn about the purpose and function of the three types of government: Municipal, Provincial, and First Nation Governments. They learn about their rights and responsibilities as active citizens. They examine different methods of decision making and the causes and consequences of decision making.


  • Learners will investigate the location of Nova Scotia in Atlantic Canada.
  • Learners will investigate various groups including Acadians, African Nova Scotians, Gaels, and Mi’ kmaq, through their expressions of culture.
  • Learners will implement strategies that promote positive interactions in the community.
  • Learners will investigate the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy.

Updated June 17, 2021