Technology Education 8

Course Outline

Technology education is a hands on design problem-solving course. Technology education is designed for all learners in grades 7 and 8. Since the technology education facilities and resources vary throughout the province, the course is designed to offer some selection to schools as to the modules of study. By the end of Technology Education 8, learners will be expected to be able to use a range of technological tools, processes, and applications; integrate technology education with other academic disciplines; design and create devices and objects that solve technological problems; and explain the consequences of technology and how it affects society.

Technology education is not a computer course, but rather a course in which computers and other equipment play a part in solving problems related to design. Learners need access to a multi-activity technology education laboratory, or an innovations technology environment, which is a  lab that is outfitted with a variety of problem-solving tools and equipment. The labs in which this course is taught need to be flexible to allow for a variety of activities to take place in addition to computing, such as photography, video studio set up, sign Printing, drafting and manufacturing, and screen printing.

Grade 7 and 8 renewed curriculum has been fully implemented across the province. 

Updated June 14, 2023