Textile Arts and Design 7

Course Outline

The textiles component of the this program introduces students to survival sewing skills as well as basic consumer strategies related to their clothing budget. Textile Arts and Design 7 comprises three units:

  • Unit 1: Textile Arts and Design explores the skills involved in expressing oneself through textiles whether it is clothing selection, creation or by adding embellishments. Students will learn about the value of life work skills developed through textiles.
  • Unit 2: The Clothing Consumer incorporates the personal management and decision-making skills necessary for acquiring, caring for, and maintaining clothing, recognizing that clothing priorities will vary with individual and family resources and preferences. An introduction to consumer knowledge if fibres and fabrics is applied to clothing and household uses.
  • Unit 3: Textile Production Basics allows students to explore and develop skills with a variety of sewing tools applied to completing useful sewing projects. Students will be encouraged to use recycled textiles to create new projects for personal or household use.