Visual Arts 7

Course Outline

Art has nourished our intellectual, social, aesthetic, and emotional development since ancient times. Through the visual arts, people communicate thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and hopes. The examination of traditional and contemporary artworks helps us to understand history, culture, and society. Visual Arts helps us to question our personal beliefs as well as those of society.

Visual arts are unique and often unpredictable, providing opportunities for learners to investigate and express themselves in ways not always possible in other areas. Experiences in visual arts enable learners to think critically, imagine, and express their individual spirits. These experiences enable learners to know themselves, to experience the natural and created worlds, and to create and understand new worlds in ways that are personal and global, real and magical. 

The reflective process in Visual Arts guides both the making of art and the looking at art. It may involve oral, written, and performative expression as well as art making in response to an idea or belief. Learners engage in reflective activities throughout the art experience—from the invitation to look at and make art, through the stages of creating, and by extending their knowledge into future art making. Learners have opportunities to look beyond their worlds through examining, discussing, experiencing, and gaining an appreciation of the roles that art and artists have played through time and in different cultures. They also examine the multimedia environment and the effects of visual culture on their lives and their art making. 

It is important to recognize that the processes of looking, making, and reflecting are interrelated and can be developed most effectively as interdependent, rather than discrete, concepts. When learning experiences are designed to reflect these interrelationships, arts activities become more relevant to real situations and learning becomes more meaningful.

Grade 7 and 8 renewed curriculum has been fully implemented across the province. 

Updated August 2, 2022