Global Politics 12

Course Outline

Global Politics 12 explores a cross-section of global political issues through a critical inquiry process. Global Politics 12 is organized into five units: The Global Citizen, Political Systems, The Canadian Political System, Comparative Politics, and International Relations. The Global Citizen introduces students to a range of issues associated with global politics and establishes important year-long expectations related to critical inquiry and research skills, including the importance of engaging in active citizenship. The Political System unit provides an opportunity for students to examine a range of global political ideologies, political organizations, and political systems. The Canadian Political System unit examines the historical roots of the Canadian political system; the structures of Canadian federal, provincial, territorial, First Nations, and municipal governments; and the division of power among federal, provincial, territorial, First Nations, and municipal governments. The Comparative Politics unit explores various contemporary global governing systems and compares and contrasts Canadian and United States governing systems and electoral systems. The final unit on International Relations looks at the issues related to global interconnectedness, organizations that govern relations among nations, the influences of cultural beliefs on global politics, and the role of media/technology on global politics.

Updated August 25, 2021