Audio Recording and Production 12

Course Outline

Audio Recording and Production 12 may be offered as a full credit on completion of all four modules. Students completing two modules may receive a half credit.

Developments in technology generate ever more interest and employment opportunities in audio production.

Students of Audio Recording and Production 12 will learn the language of electronics as it relates to audio production and will acquire understanding of the acoustic characteristics of a variety of sound sources. They will develop appreciation for the history of sound recording and its importance to culture. They will learn techniques for and the safe use of a variety of components for recording and manipulating sound. Students will design, plan, and complete audio projects that demonstrate the production skills they have developed.

Audio Recording and Production 12 modules include: Principles of Sound; Machines, Mics, and Connections; Audio Production and Manipulation; and Collaborative Project and Personal Portfolio.

Updated June 14, 2023