Advanced English 12

Course Outline

Advanced English 12 is an extension of Advanced English 11, and preparation for further post-secondary study.

Advanced English 12 is characterized by additional content and curriculum outcomes that expand and extend learning in both theoretical and applied aspects of the subject area. Learning experiences in Advanced English 12 focus on in-depth treatment of selected topics, independent learning and reflection, extended research projects / case studies, and critical and cultural literacies. This course will be taught in both in-class and online contexts, and will make effective use of information and communication technology and electronic resources for learning.

Advanced English 12 is an intensive program of study reflecting high expectations and offers a challenging curriculum for self-motivated students with a passion for language, literature, and learning. It is designed to broaden knowledge, hone skills, and foster initiative, risk-taking, and responsibility. These attributes are developed in an environment that promotes both independent and collaborative learning. Advanced English 12 is an extension of Advanced English 11, and preparation for further post-secondary study. Because of the academic rigour, it is strongly recommended that students have successfully completed Advanced English 11. 

Student Criteria 

A student who demonstrates several, or all, of the following attributes may be interested in Advanced English 12:

  • has a passion for language, reading, writing, and literature
  • is a proficient writer—eager to develop a range of writing
  • is a conscientious, self-directed learner 
  • is an avid reader
  • is predisposed to explore contemporary and non-contemporary literature in a variety of genres
  • challenges comfort levels by taking risks as a reader and write
  • contributes enthusiastically to collaborative learning experiences
  •  relishes sophisticated learning experiences
  •  is predisposed to explore creative potential and imagination in a variety of ways
  • is inquisitive, reflective, and open to new ideas
  • is intrigued by diverse interpretations of a text or event
  • seeks to comprehend and connect complex ideas and perspectives (e.g., the “big picture”)

The curriculum guide for this course is still relevant and includes important information for teachers. Teachers are reminded to reference the At-A-Glance documents for outcomes when using course guides.

Updated January 10, 2024