English 10 Plus

Course Outline

The English 10 Plus curriculum guide provides a instructional program to support teachers of students who have experienced difficulties in English language arts in grades 7–9 and require increased support in developing English language arts skills.

Because these students have not met learning outcomes with real success at the grade 9 level, their academic choices may be limited. Through English 10 Plus, they will have extended opportunities to increase their literacy skills.

A key feature of the course is an emphasis on student-centred, active learning. Students who have had limited success in meeting English language arts curriculum outcomes need to engage fully in the learning process in order to develop strategies and strengthen skills in each of the strands of English language arts.

The curriculum guide for this course is still relevant and includes important information for teachers. Teachers are reminded to reference the At-A-Glance documents for outcomes when using course guides.

Updated January 10, 2024