English/Communications 12

Course Outline

English/Communications courses are intended for students who may need additional support in their development as readers, writers, and language users. English/Communications courses are intended to prepare students for lifelong learning by engaging them in practical and interesting learning experiences closely related to their lives and to the world they will experience as adults. These courses should be based on the interests and abilities of the students and provide support to meet their individual and diverse learning needs. At the same time, English/Communications courses should be flexible enough to allow learners to move to academic courses.

These courses focus on developing language skills necessary for the workplace. It is important that learners have abundant opportunities to engage in small-group and whole-class activities that help develop their speaking and listening skills. Learners must also have opportunities to read widely in their interest areas and to create both written and visual texts to enhance their reading and writing fluency.

English/Communications courses are intended to provide experiences that enable students to

  • use language to reflect on their experiences
  • think critically about the range of issues and ideas they encounter in texts
  • understand the impact of media texts in their lives
  • explore a range of print and visual texts
  • meet the literacy demands of the outside world
  • be aware of ways language can entertain, inform, and influence others
  • adapt their language to suit their purposes
  • extend their thinking through exploring a range of issues

The learning environment for English/Communications courses requires a variety of grouping arrangements that allow optimum opportunities for meaningful teacher-student and student-student interaction.

The curriculum guide for this course is still relevant and includes important information for teachers. Teachers are reminded to reference the At-A-Glance documents for outcomes when using course guides.

Updated January 10, 2024