Health Education Primary

Course Outline

Health Education Primary–3 sets the foundation for our youngest learners to investigate health promoting concepts and begin the development of life skills that will enhance their ability to make informed, safe, and healthy decisions. Areas of focus at these grade levels include mental health literacy, safe and healthy relationships, substance misuse prevention, injury prevention, sexual health, and chronic disease prevention through a study of health behaviours that together promote physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

Health education curriculum is integrated primarily within English language arts and secondarily within mathematics in accordance with Plan for Instruction: Revised Time-to-Learn Strategy: Grades Primary–3 (2015). Within this strategy there is discreet time available for learning and teaching within health education. The curriculum offers many opportunities for links to and integration with learning outcomes in other content areas, including science, social studies, and visual arts.


  • Learners will investigate a range of emotions that humans share.
  • Learners will investigate various family structures.
  • Learners will investigate safe practices and effective strategies for personal safety and injury and disease prevention.

Updated September 17, 2021