Mi'kmaw Language

Course Outline

Mi’kmaw Language can be taken by students in place of Core French at any grade to fulfill their second language requirement.  This curriculum is not organized by grade but by stages of language development in an offer to meet the needs of all learners based on their level of language development.

Elmaptekemk / Vision


Kepme’k L’nui’suti, Kisu’lkw kisi-iknmuksi’kip aq Kniskamijinaqi’k aq Kukmijinaqi’k naqtmuksi’kip.Nuta’q mlkuktmnenow aq siawa’tunenow wjit knijannaq aq elmi’knikewaq.

Miamujpa kinu L’nui kina’masulti’kw aq L’nui kina’mua’ti’kw kulaman kikmanaq kjijittaq L’nuey. Nuta’q nenasultinenew aq kjijitunenew ta’n wetapeksulti’kw kulaman me’ pmi-aji-mlkikna’titaq L’nu’k aq pmi-aji-mlkiknatew L’nuey.


The Mi’kmaw Language is sacred, given to us by Our Creator and passed down to us by the ancestors. We must be committed to protect, nurture, and preserve our language in order to bequeath to our children and future generations a living and lasting legacy.

We, therefore, have the responsibility to reclaim, revitalize, and reinstate the traditional language of the Mi’kmaw and to re-establish its use in daily situations. Our ancestral language is the very essence of the Mi’kmaw ways of knowing and being and is the means by which we can strengthen and empower the Mi’kmaw Nation.

The Nature of the Mi’kmaw Language

The Mi’kmaw language is an ancient language that has developed over the centuries in Mi’kma’ki. It is a sacred language, given to the people by Kisu’lkw. The Mi’kmaw language is the way in which Mi’kmaw values, customs, beliefs, and attitudes are passed on from generation to generation. To learn the language, therefore, is to deepen one’s understanding of Mi’kmaw consciousness and identity.

Mi’kmaw is predominately an oral language. It is important to remember that there may be slight variations in language (vocabulary and pronunciation) between, and within, Mi’kmaw communities. Often, these variations are slight and do not interfere with communication. Mi’kmaw Language teachers should reinforce students’ knowledge of language while respecting, valuing, and accepting the language that students bring to the classroom. It is the role of Mi’kmaw Language teachers to facilitate the coming together of traditional and contemporary language use, which will further the goal of promoting and revitalizing the Mi’kmaw language.


  • Students will use the Mi’kmaw language in various contexts and for different purposes.
  • Students will communicate and interact accurately and effectively in the Mi’kmaw language.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of Mi’kmaw values, culture, and customs and practices, using the Mi’kmaw language.

Updated June 17, 2021